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Welcome to Arvixe Demo

This domain is used to make demos for the Arvixe Blog.
The Arvixe Blog provides easy to follow how-to articles and tutorials showing how to use the many great features provided by Arvixe Web Hosting.
You can visit the Arvixe Blog by clicking here.

The following software is all provided to Arvixe users at no additional cost.
To learn how to install the software, or test any of the software available from Arvixe, use the links below with the usernames and passwords provided.

How to Install AxCMS.net
AxCMS.net Demo Page

How to Install Azopho
Azopho Demo Page
Username: azopho
Password: test123

How to Install BlogEngine.NET
BlogEngine.NET Demo Page
Username: blogdemo
Password: test123

Composite C1 CMS
How to Install Composite C1 CMS
Composite C1 CMS Demo Page
Username: compuser
Password: test123

How to Install concrete5
concrete5 Demo Page
Username: concuser
Password: test123

How to Install DasBlog
DasBlog Demo Page
Username: das
Password: test123

How to Install DotNetNuke
DotNetNuke Demo Page
Username: nukedemo
Password: test123

DotNetNuke for IIS
How to Install DotNetNuke for IIS
DotNetNuke for IIS Demo Page
Username: netuser
Password: test123

How to Install DotShoppingCart
DotShoppingCart Demo Page

How to Install Dropthings
Dropthings Demo Page
Username: drop
Password: Test1234

Gallery Server Pro
How to Install Gallery Server Pro
Gallery Server Pro Demo Page
Username: galleryspuser
Password: test123

How to Install Joomla
Joomla Demo Page
Username: joomla
Password: Test1234

How to Install Kartris
Kartris Demo Page
Username: kartris
Password: test123

How to Install Kentico
Kentico Demo Page
Username: kentico
Password: test123

Kooboo CMS
How to Install Kooboo CMS
Kooboo CMS Demo Page
Username for site authentication: kooboouser
Password for site authentication: test123
Username to sign into Kooboo: demo
Password to sign into Kooboo: demo

How to Install mojoPortal
mojoPortal Demo Page
Username for site authentication: mojo
Password for site authentication: Test1234
Email Address to sign into mojoPortal: mojodemo@arvixedemo.com
Password to sign into mojoPortal: mojodemo

How to Install MonoX
MonoX Demo Page
Username: monodemo
Password: Testmono1

My Web Pages Starter Kit
How to Install My Web Pages Starter Kit
My Web Pages Starter Kit Demo Page
Username: webuser
Password: test123

How to Install Nearforums
Nearforums Demo Page

How to Install nopCommerce
nopCommerce Demo Page
Username: nopuser
Password: Test1234

How to Install nService
nService Demo Page
Username: nuser
Password: test123

Orchard CMS
How to Install Orchard CMS
Orchard CMS Demo Page

How to Install phpBB
phpBB Demo Page
Username: bbuser
Password: Test1234

How to Install Piwik
Piwik Demo Page
Username for site authentication: piwikdemo
Password for site authentication: Test1234
Username for Piwik: demo
Password for Piwik: test123

RakuCMS Express
How to Install RakuCMS Express
RakuCMS Express Demo Page
Username: raku
Password: test123

How to Install ResourceBlender
ResourceBlender Demo Page
Username: rbuser
Password: test123

ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0
How to Install ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0
Screw Turn Wiki 3.0 Demo Page
Username: turnuser
Password: Test1234

How to Install Sitefinity
Sitefinity Demo Page
Username for site authentication: demo
Password for site authentication: test123
Username for Sitefinity: demo
Password for Sitefinity: test123

How to Install SQLCMS

How to Install Subtext
Subtext Demo Page

Tandem Server CMS
How to Install Tandem Server CMS
Tandem Server CMS
Username: tanuser
Password: test123

How to Install WordPress
WordPress Demo Page
Username: worduser
Password: Test1234

How to Install YetAnotherForum.NET
YetAnotherForum.NET Demo Page
Username: yafnetuser
Password: Test1234

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